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The 10 most likely sensors in a 10-sensor Apple smartwatch

Jon Phillips | June 24, 2014
Once you begin counting up the sensors, it's actually quite easy to get to 10. But you can forget about a blood-glucose sensor outright.

"We've had some success--not to the accuracy needed for a medical device--but we've had some success in making optical measurements of glucose in the human body," Robinson says. "The instrumentation we've historically used to make those measurements is approximately $10,000, and requires that you use wavelengths of light that are in the near infrared. But all of the wearable devices I'm aware of today use a silicon detector, and there isn't any optical information in the silicon region for glucose. If there were, it would be terrific. You'd have non-invasive glucose meters for people with diabetes. But there's no information."

And here's another thing with no information--or at least no substantiated information: the mythical Apple iWatch. Sure, it's fun to speculate on reports from unnamed sources. And while I do personally believe Apple is preparing a smartwatch for a 2014 release, I think every right-minded person can agree we won't really know what sensors it includes until specs and features are shared by Apple.


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