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The Macalope Weekly: That's one opinion

The Macalope | March 25, 2013
Are all opinions created equal? Probably not these.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, right? Well, some opinions are more equal than others, it seems. Or should be. The Macalope doesn't believe that Apple dreams up every feature of its products in a vacuum, but how much is the company really copying Samsung? And are Windows tablets really doooooming iPads in the corporate space? Finally, that device you think you know everything about? It doesn't exist yet.

Cart, horse

The Boy Genius Report's Tero Kuittinen tells us about an intriguing game of cat and mouse where the hunter becomes the hunted!

"At The End of 2011, Samsung Started Morphing Apple Into A Follower" (tip o' the antlers to Adam Bushman).

Please enjoy this roller coaster ride of misplaced cause and effect.

In the Christmas of 2011, the first Galaxy Note proved that a jumbo display smartphone was a device with substantial demand.

Uhhh, OK. Except Apple hasn't made a jumbo smartphone.

Now Apple is expected to launch its own big-screen phone in the summer of 2013, nearly two years after Samsung pioneered the niche.

Oh, well, when you put it in the terms of magical products that don't exist yet, then yes, Apple's totally following Samsung. Slavishly, really, what with the fact that Samsung has made televisions for years and Apple's not making a television right now.

But might.


Samsung also had such a huge success in the low-end smartphone market that it is forcing Apple to debut a low-end line of iPhones.

Yes! Or, well, maybe, which is almost exactly like yes! And watches! Samsung makes watches and Apple doesn't make one. But might.

It's all so obvious once you throw what has actually happened out the window.

Apple cannot afford to let Google (GOOG) catch it in app revenue generation. That would hand Android vendors a huge weapon in the long term as the network effect already favors Android apps due to the larger installed base of devices.

It's so hard to figure out what anyone at BGR is talking about because of their policy of only linking to their own pieces, but the Macalope was able to backtrack to the original article showing Google Play revenue closing the gap with the App Store revenue. Turns out it's a lot of estimation based on other estimations and, even if it's right, Kuittinen's point here makes no sense. There's no multiplicative effect based on Android's larger installed base. The estimates from firms like App Annie and Flurry already take that into account.

Thus Apple must now bend to launch budget smartphones in a bid to prevent Samsung's smartphone volume advantage from exploding.

Because people who don't pay for smartphones buy so many apps.


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