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The Macalope Weekly: That's one opinion

The Macalope | March 25, 2013
Are all opinions created equal? Probably not these.

The third trend where Samsung has forced Apple to follow is the miniature tablet segment.

That's one way to look at it. Another way to look at is that Samsung, Amazon, and Google had to make 7-inch tablets because that was the only way they could sell anything. Apple has had the market for 10-inch tablets locked up, and now it's saying, "Eh, you know what? We want the 7-inch tablet market, too."

Now Samsung is moving ahead of Apple in fingerprint security and facial recognition technology.

Features average users are crying out for. Features that Samsung will surely implement in a way that will be thoughtfully tied into the operating system, and that users will easily understand.

What will Apple do to climb out of the current rut? It is doubtful that a $200 smartwatch is going to achieve another reversal of fortunes.

"I know nothing about it, but I know it's not going to work!"

So long and thanks for all the linkbait

Sad news reached the Macalope's furry ears this week: It appears that Dan Lyons is leaving ReadWrite after five months on the job. Alas, Dan is going to work for a marketing software company, leaving the Macalope to fear for the state of Apple trollery.

Because where else but at ReadWrite, under the leadership of Dan Lyons, could we read this?

"The Enterprise Tablet Party Is Over For Apple."

Antone Gonsalves:

After three hard years, PC makers have finally released Windows tablets that tech analyst firm Moor Insights & Strategy says will likely reverse Apple's gains in the corporate market.

Who is Moor Insights & Strategy? Well, it's a couple of guys who used to work for AMD and Compaq. OK, you might roll your eyes, but Tim Cook used to work for Compaq, too, so that doesn't disqualify you from being smart. But what did these two guys say, exactly?

"Enterprise tablets now exist that provide the best of both worlds between end user and IT, which puts the Apple in a precarious position of needing to add more robust enterprise features," Moor says in a white paper released Monday. "Until that point, Moor Insights & Strategy recommends enterprises re-evaluate their iPad pilot and deployments."

Well, enterprises should always re-evaluate deployments. How does Gonsalves react to this advice?

In other words, the enterprise party is over for Apple's tablets.

Two guys, one of whom is part of the never-ending clown show known as Forbes contributors--albeit not the clowniest--suggest that iOS devices might face more competition and ReadWrite declares Apple's ride is over.


Because Intel has built a competitive chip based on the X86 instruction set ...


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