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The Macalope Weekly: That's one opinion

The Macalope | March 25, 2013
Are all opinions created equal? Probably not these.

But ...

There's also more baseline expandability with the Windows tablets.

Well ...

Other pluses include playing nicely with Active Directory ...

Look, it's also worth noting that the iPad starts at $330--a little fact left out of this research. Patrick Moorhead, author of the Moor white paper, based his cost analysis on 64GB 10-inch iPads and factors in the cost of associated technologies needed to deploy iOS devices. It doesn't consider the fact that if you're deploying iPhones, you already have those technologies.

Much of the iPad's success in the enterprise was end-user driven. But Moorhead thinks this advantage is over:

End users want style, simplicity and convenience and IT needs security, provisioning, manageability, deployment, support and service that is consistent with their current infrastructure for the lowest lifecycle cost. Enterprise tablets now exist that provide the best of both worlds between end user and IT, which puts the Apple in a precarious position of needing to add more robust enterprise features.

Tell you what, Patrick. It's Saturday, so walk into your local mall and stand between the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store (which will be right across from it), then tell me which one's tablets are generating more end-user interest.

It's quite possible that both the iPad and Windows tablets might find homes in the corporate world. The Macalope was originally skeptical that the iPad would be accepted by the managers who run corporate IT departments and beat the Microsoft drum like angry orcs (not a lot of people know this, but Tolkien meant the mines of Moria to be an allegory for corporate IT). But despite being told that Apple products would never pass the gates, and then being told Android would overtake iOS in the enterprise, iOS devices are still doing quite well, thank you very much.

Gonsalves can't even get inveterate Apple nay-sayer and noted Yahoo Sitebuilder user Jack Gold to buy into this line of reasoning:

"The iPad, and Android (tablets), will have a place as long as users demand it," Gold said. "And the Win8 devices will find a niche, particularly in those organizations that have company-owned assets that IT fully controls."

This is either an interesting turnaround for Gold, who has to date repeatedly dismissed the iPad, or the guy sits beside his phone waiting to give reporters contrary opinions.

Well, despite Gold's word, Gonsalves knows the real score:

While Gold has a point, the advantages the latest Windows tablets have are too numerous for corporations to ignore.

The Macalope hopes that Lyons's departure won't mean we'll have to go without analysis like this. What ever would we do?


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