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The Macalope Weekly: That's one opinion

The Macalope | March 25, 2013
Are all opinions created equal? Probably not these.

Groundhog day

Speaking of misguided opinions, Cyrus Sanati says "Nobody needs an Apple iWatch or anything like it" (tip o' the antlers to the Jony Ive parody account on Twitter):

It is unclear what a "smartwatch" by either Apple or Samsung will actually do, but it doesn't take the brainpower of 100 gifted Apple product engineers to figure it out.

All it takes is a duck, a Razor scooter, and a six-pack of domestic beer!

That's because there are already a bevy of "smartwatches" on the market and they pretty much all do the same thing.

Oh, man. OK. Wow. Whew. That is just ...

That ... that winded the Macalope a little. Hang on.

Phew. OK. Sorry, it's just that that much tunnel vision in one sentence is ... well, it's breathtaking.

The night before the iPhone's release the Macalope was in San Francisco, dining with some friends who are devout users of Apple products. But at the time, one of them was showing off a BlackBerry Pearl he had just bought. The horny one asked why he didn't wait and he said "I can't imagine that anything Apple's going to come up with will be any better than this."

Now, we were all younger and dumber back then, and Apple's track record wasn't quite as proven as it is now, so his lack of foresight can be excused. But to simply assume now that an unseen Apple device is just the same as existing devices?

The idea of a smartwatch isn't new.

Neither was the idea of a tablet computer. Or a smartphone. Or a digital music player. Or a home computer.

When was the last time you saw a person sporting a smartwatch? Chances are you haven't. And it is not because the dummy smartwatch is something new.

No, it's because no one's made a really good one. Yet.

The unimaginative Samsung will most likely just copy whatever Apple does to the letter.

Well, at least we agree on something.

That means that both products, which will probably have the same features as all those watches mentioned above, will appeal to a narrow subset of consumers who really dig its design and who believe it will fit their style.

Does that sound like a product Apple would make? At all? If there's no appeal for a great number of consumers, Apple is unlikely to make it.

Pro tip for pundits: When you set out to write a piece about Apple, try to remember which company you're writing about, and what its well-established business model is.


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