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The next phase of mobility

Divina Paredes | July 8, 2014
Finance executives discuss how the uptake of cloud services and rise of mobile devices are creating a 24x7 customer-driven environment. They share insights on how they are working through these rapid changes, while preparing for the next business technology trend, at a recent CIO roundtable held in conjunction with Samsung.

Think differently with mobile

Craig Sims, ANZ Bank: People are using 1980s logic to solve today's mobility challenges which simply doesn't work. In fact you have to flip that thinking on its head to see a way around it. Security has been seen as an obstacle to providing staff with smartphones, but our customers are freely using these devices so our people need to do the same. Rather than create a white list of approved apps, we were better to just create secure containers protecting ANZ data while keeping the device open and usable for all other functions. That gives our staff more freedom to explore mobile. I've noticed the more we give our colleagues open access to these devices, the more they actually use them in a safe and productive way. You've got to protect your data, because we're a trust organisation so you can't get around it. But I would actually encourage getting more mobile devices out to your teams to find what is possible. And through that trial you'll then see where your boundaries are.

Verdon Kelliher: Samsung's view on this is that you are not only on your device, you're not only going to have your information there as well, you're going to have your customer's information a lot of the time. And so we do think that protecting that information is really, really important. We also think that the users want their data protected from the business as well, but they want to have that experience that's really, really easy.

Samsung has been working on this for a few years and last year brought Knox to market. New Zealand was the very first country in the world to sign up a Knox customer. We see the trends that the device is what people want to have - one device and they want to be able to use it for everything. But the worry is around protecting your data. If you lose your phone at the pub, how do you protect it (data)? How do you ensure that you're not going to be giving away data, details of your customers? Our answer to that would be Knox, it is agnostic around what platform you'll be able to use. With fingerprint access we make it really, really simple.

Leading through change

Stuart Pattison, AIA New Zealand: Technology will just progress, things will be added without you really noticing. I look back at the mobile phone in the 80s and it was just a big brick. Somehow it's morphed into what it is now. Actually it got really, really small and it grew back up again because it was too small for people. There are experimentations, people will like or don't like it. It's a bit like natural selection. And again, the way to manage it is to try and predict what's going to happen and ensure that your structures are prepared for it. And when it is there, you're closer to implementation than if you had done nothing.


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