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The next phase of mobility

Divina Paredes | July 8, 2014
Finance executives discuss how the uptake of cloud services and rise of mobile devices are creating a 24x7 customer-driven environment. They share insights on how they are working through these rapid changes, while preparing for the next business technology trend, at a recent CIO roundtable held in conjunction with Samsung.

The technology, the mobility, is actually having a significant influence on the products. You can't just take the old products and just push them through mobile channels. So it's actually forcing a whole rethink in product design and product development. And I think that that's something that we found extremely interesting.

The next big thing is already here

Verdon Kelliher, Samsung: The devices are about to change in a big, big way. Devices are about to become your kitchen bench top at home, or a window in your house, or your car screen. We're doing these projects all around the world where this technology is no longer just tablet or a laptop. So when you're having to build software you have to think about it in such a broader sense. So the benchtop at home will be a computer screen. That is where you'll be ordering things. The latest fridges are computer run, they have got a screen built into the front.

TV technology is really taking off, where you just pay for what you want to watch or pay per view to choose. At the moment, it is still too hard to do banking on the TV, but it won't be for much longer. Think about those form factors when you're integrating for your customers. When I'm reviewing my insurance policy, for instance, I want all that information right there. And so that's the changes that I see coming through.

We're doing a project with a car company around the world where the car is integrated with your house and everything. So you're going to be talking to the car on how much you are overdrawn today in your bank account. Your car will be able to have that conversation with you as you're driving into work.

In the insurance sector I think the change is going to happen faster in your space. One of the key things I'm seeing is clothing that continuously monitors your health using nanotechnology. So if you're in the insurance sector and you've got a group of your consumers whose health has been monitored by what they're wearing like a shirt or their cap or their glasses or whatever it is, and that information is being fed backwards and forward from the GP, they're less of a risk for you. And so you're going to charge them less. That will be here soon, really soon.


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