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The next tech trends to disrupt data centres

Bonnie Gardiner | May 28, 2015
Trends are born from constant technology, societal and organisational changes.

"A virtualisation expert is an expert we can't live without, that expertise is their claim to fame, and they want to stay in that place because of that. But I would offer that in many organisations you'll find that the people on top of those vertical stacks are getting bored because they're doing the same thing day in day out."

The real challenge is getting those experts out of that box; not changing their job but getting them thinking horizontally, instead of vertically. The more those high level workers are spread around, the more skills they have in other technologies and fields, and thus being of more value to IT as a whole.

"When you have an application that's running like crap, you ask the developers what's wrong with it, and what do they say first? It's the network! Then the network team say, it's the storage!

"Everybody blames everybody else — all the vertical stacks always have a reason why it's not their problem. But a person who can look at all the pieces and say it's a cascade effect, when that happens this happens and it's all tied together, they're what we need for business."

This also helps with employee engagement, as workers who leave their box start getting more interested in their job because they're learning something new.

"They're not being penalised for doing something wrong because they're not a storage expert, they're learning and that's okay.

"Then other people lower in the stacks see this and think hey, it's okay for me to get out of the box, I can start learning new things too, so you start getting new people going horizontally."

This system is not for everyone, as Cappuccio says, "you don't want to be a mile wide and an inch deep", but you need some people who have expertise across the board, at a time when everything is going to be chaos.


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