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Three money apps for tracking, organizing and reporting your finances

Liane Cassavoy | Jan. 16, 2015
Between budgets and taxes, you can't get too organized. These apps help you keep a handle on personal and business expenses.

iXpensit includes an option for creating an expense report, which is a simple task once you've entered your expenses. The resulting PDF is polished, and I especially like how it automatically attaches any photos of receipts you've snapped and stored in the app. These reports aren't only for submitting expenses: You can sort them by category and time period, making them useful when you're organizing expenses for tax reporting purposes.

iXpensit is available in two versions, a free Lite version that's ad-supported, and a $4.99 paid version. It's a handy way to create and stick to a simple budget, but tracking expenses feels like a little too much work.

Keeping track of the items you buy is important for anyone, but especially for small businesses and sole proprietors who need to list all of these items on a tax return. Slice, a free iOS app, makes tracking almost anything you've purchased drop-dead simple.

Open the app, connect it to the email account you use to manage your purchases, and you're good to go. Slice automatically finds all of the e-receipts in your account, including those associated with in-store purchases. It lets you see, at a glance, which items are out for delivery--and where they are on a map--as well as items that have already been delivered. You also can scan through a list of items that don't require delivery, such as digital downloads.

Slice is neatly laid out and very easy on the eyes, with an attractive, finger-friendly layout. By default, it displays pictures of your items, so keep it away from prying eyes if you want to keep any gifts a secret. You can hide pictures by pinching and expanding the screen.

Slice's organizational features are presented in a very touchscreen-friendly way. Slide the icon across the screen to see a list of purchases by category or trends over time. These features will be useful if you're trying to stay on a budget or organize a list of purchases for tax returns. Frequent shoppers also will appreciate how Slice alerts you if a recent purchase drops in price, so you can get that cash back.

Serious business folks may not appreciate Slice's bubbly layout and its shopping focus. But anyone who shops online--whether that's a lot or a little--should take it for a whirl.


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