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Ultrabook, laptop, hybrid or Chromebook? How to pick the best portable PC

Brad Chacos | Dec. 4, 2013
Don't let the variety daunt you. Revel in the choices, from hybrids that pull apart to desktop replacements that keep it all together.

If you don't really need to have two devices in one—or if you already have a tablet—you're better off buying one of the dedicated laptop types discussed here. But if a hybrid sounds capable of scratching your multi-use itch, our Windows 8 buying guide has all the juicy details about tablets that want to be laptops and laptops that want to be tablets.

So you don't want a two-in-one, you couldn't care less about the high-end frills of Ultrabooks, and you find Chromebooks too limited for your needs. Sounds like you're in the market for a laptop without a catchy marketing buzzword attached.

The lack of an easy tagline makes shopping for a straight-up notebook trickier than you'd think, but there's a vast universe of them out there. Whether you're looking for a desktop replacement, a pixel-pushing gaming notebook, or a basic (yet capable) laptop to drag around everyday, PCWorld's laptop buying guide can help you identify the features you need and then find the best fit.


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