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Understanding a business is crucial to protecting it, Symantec security boss says

Chris Player | June 22, 2015
Security firm outlines strategy in the face of new threat landscape.

"Certainly with the emergence of IoT [The Internet of Things], when organisations begin to hook up devices and other connected devices. Health will certainly be an area of growth but I wouldn't say that is the only area.

"Any organisation going down the IoT path needs to take a built-in not bolt-on approach to security.

"Energy, power, media is a big one now with boxes that have two way communications in your house, content providers as well. From a security perspective, that opens up what we call the attack surface area.

"Your security changes with IoT it is impossible to harden those sort of devices so you concentrate on the security controls on the entry points into datacentres and gateways, so that is where the security mechanisms change.

"I have been in security since 1993," Sparks said, "and all that time I have searched for the silver bullet technology, I still haven't found one.

"In my view, there will need to be multiple controls in place, there will be controls on the router, on the endpoint, on the device itself. There will also be a whole lot of controls all the way back upstream to where the data is being transported from as well," he said.

"There will not be one approach there will be multiple approaches.

"With security, once a mechanism is in place you will have people working on how to get around it straight away."

"I think the most important thing when dealing with devices is the data, how do you control the data that is flowing through them. What do you do with the data, how do you look at it and how quickly you can respond is more important than protecting devices."


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