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Watch this space: Apple is about to fill all the holes in the Apple Watch story

Susie Ochs | March 6, 2015
Only a few more days until Tim Cook will stride onto the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and show off his Apple Watch. You know, again. We got the broad strokes in September, but the watches shown to the press weren't running final software, so Apple still has more painting to do to give us the whole picture.

If I really love using a gadget, keeping it charged doesn't feel like a chore. But when I stop using a gizmo, the pain point of keeping it charged is a often a big reason why. If Apple Watch can hook me on the experience, I'll feed it all the juice it wants.

What's the killer app?

The WatchKit SDK has been out since November, and there's even a whole site dedicated to keeping track of announced Apple Watch apps. I definitely expect to see some developers demoing their wares on stage on Monday. But the thing I most want to see is how apps will help Apple Watch bridge your digital world with the physical one.

Plenty of HomeKit devices were announced at CES, and the makers have been generally vague about launch dates for most of them — spring, they'd say, maybe March, maybe April. (Hmm, sounds familiar. Wait...what month is this again?) So I'm hoping we see home HomeKit demos with the Apple Watch.

I'm using to doing pretty much any digital task with my iPhone, but physical tasks like turning on a light are still more easily accomplished by just flipping a switch on the wall, versus digging out my phone (which, after all, could be charging in another room) and asking Siri or tapping some buttons. Apple Watch puts Siri right on my wrist, and can connect directly to Bluetooth devices and my wireless network. Sounds like a remote control for both my phone and my smart house.

And that's just one idea. Apple keeps saying the watch is its most personal product, so look for the company to propose as many use cases as it can, beyond the built-in features outlined at the September event, namely activity tracking, communication, and phone notifications.

What are you aching to know about the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tune in Monday for a live blog, hands-on, video, and everything you need to know about Apple's new creation.


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