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We sell products, partners sell outcomes - CA Technologies (Part I)

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Nov. 29, 2013
In the first part of this interview, Carl Terrantroy, senior director, partner sales for ANZ at CA Technologies, speaks to Reseller News on the sidelines of the company's IT Leaders Forum in Auckland

Security is where we have to find some scope here. We do have a partner in Australia that is set to acquire an organisation in NZ. Then they would be represented here. At some stage, they have an acquisition in mind here and that will be their presence set up in NZ. That will be a great. It will give us a security partner but we are always after an additional one.

Then we have our service providers. The likes of Gen-I, Datacom, Fujitsu, have quite significant footprints of our technology within their managed services environments. Fronde is another partner. They are working in security as well so they tend to be looking at a couple of our portfolios. They are not restricting themselves to one.

We have also got another partner from Australia called Forte Alpha. It is focused on project and management solutions set.

So what we have now is sort of the underpinnings of most of our portfolios. We have got a partner in most of them. We have to get that more robust quickly.

Westcon is a partner of ours. We have brought out this monitoring product, Nimsoft Snap, that is free, ironically. It is for monitoring up to 30 devices. We are encouraging Westcon to go to market with that. It is obviously a recruitment drive. It is to get people to try the software, run it for 30 devices and then you are hoping they will need 31 devices and then pay for it. We are working with Westcon on that campaign to get that out.

That's a product that is well suited for broad-based distribution because it is lightweight, easy to install, and quite simple to understand. For Cisco partners especially, there is a lot of good value add, as far as selling these monitoring types of products go, along with the Cisco solution sets. We are using tool sets to help customers understand when they have got to upgrade, when they are getting capacity issues and things like that.

Q: How are you working on the consulting side with partners?

CT: The consulting side is probably the most immature for us. And in NZ totally immature. CapGemini has not got a big focus here. We are doing a lot more with them in Australia now. We are working well with them. The other two we are looking at are Ernst and Young, and Deloitte's. It is fair to say these are new relationships that are months old. I hired only three months ago somebody dedicated to look after that segment of the market. We didn't have anyone on them, now we do. That would be his focus, to grow that presence in ANZ.


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