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Wearables Right or Wrong? Android Wear redefines what a smartwatch OS should be

Jon Phillips | July 4, 2014
Jon Phillips sets his crosshairs directly on Android Wear, Google's new OS designed just for wrist wearables.

Android Wear just won the week in wearables.

Dig it: Even the harshest critic of Google's new OS has to concede that Android Wear has been the wearables topic du jour for seven days running. It shows the world a completely different take on what a smartwatch can be, and even pushed Samsung right back into the Android camp. 

Indeed. Where's your Tizen now?

Will Android Wear completely reset the way smartwatches are considered by manufacturers, and supported by app developers, and used by consumers? That remains to be seen. But this slippery, lightweight, exceedingly barebones OS has profoundly changed the smartwatch conversation in one short week. 

And that's a good thing considering just how frustrating wrist wearables have been to date.

I've been using Android Wear since I received Samsung and LG review units at Google I/O. You can read my initial OS walk-through here, and a showdown between the Gear Live and G Watch here. I should have final reviews next week, but for now indulge me with a video rant. And if you have any questions about Android Wear and all its hardware iterations, or have suggestions for follow-up coverage, direct your tweets to @JonPhillipsSF.


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