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What could be on tap at Apple's Sept. 12 press event

Macworld Staff | Sept. 5, 2012
Apple laid months of event rumors and speculation to rest on Tuesday when it sent out official invitations to a special media presentation on September 12. Of course, now that we know for sure that an event is happening, the real speculation begins.

We say: Unlikely.

A new iPad

Second only to iPhone rumors have been whispers that the company may bring out a new model of iPad with a 7.85-inch screen. Dubbed the iPad mini, the device would likely feature a non-Retina display with the same resolution as the iPad 2, and would allow Apple for the first time to stake a claim in a market segment to date occupied mostly by Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. Such a device would probably be priced between the iPod touch and the 10-inch iPad.

That said, we doubt a smaller iPad will make an appearance at this event. It seems unlikely that Apple will want to diminish the introduction of a new iPhoneits flagship product line these daysby introducing an entirely new product. Some rumors have suggested that a second event featuring the new iPad announcement could come next month, so we may end up revisiting this question at that point.

We say: Unlikely for now.

New iPods

And what about the iPhones kissin cousin, the iPod touch? A new iPod touch is probably in the cardsparticularly given that Apple didnt release a radically new one last year. But there are a few factors that get in the way of such an announcement, and none are technical.

First, like the purported iPad mini, its unlikely that Apple wants to dilute the announcement of its next iPhone. While many may think of the iPod touch as an iPhone without the phone, thats not an angle that Apple has pushedin the companys eyes, the iPod touch is a gaming and media consumption device. Linking the two in next weeks announcement does the iPhone no good.

And once you mention the iPod touch, theres the expectation that youll additionally discuss the entire iPod line. Will the traditional iPod (shuffle, nano, and classic) survive or will the touch become The iPod and the others quietly disappear? From Apples perspective, this is even more message-muddying. The company will undoubtedly address the iPod line, but our moneys on doing it at another timeperhaps later in the fall, along with a new iPad model?

We say: Unlikely for now.

iOS 6

We heard quite a bit about iOS 6 at Apples Worldwide Developers Conference; given its fall release date, its likely well see a rehash of announced featuresand maybe a few new surprises.

iPhone-exclusive features: The next iPhone will be Apples latest and greatest bit of hardwareas such, its no surprise the company might be saving a little something for its September 12 debut. The iPhone 4S had Siri; the new iPhone may not have anything quite so huge, though weve heard mention of AirPlay Direct, a rumored feature that would allow you to send audio and video to an AirPlay device without an intermediating wireless network.


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