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Why Ubuntu plans to replace traditional Linux packages with something better

Chris Hoffman | July 1, 2015
Ubuntu will embrace smarter, stand-alone Snappy images instead of relying on Deb packages and apt-get.

Snappy also supports "delta" updates, which means only the changed bits of the package need to be downloaded and installed. The Ubuntu core system can also be updated with Snappy, meaning faster, more-reliable updates also apply to the core operating system.

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The future of the Ubuntu desktop is Snappy

That's great, and it's all available today for Ubuntu Snappy Core images you might want to host on cloud servers. But Ubuntu's developers are working on bringing Snappy to the Ubuntu Desktop Next images, where Unity 8 and Mir can currently be seen in action. In a year or two, Snappy-based Ubuntu systems might be standard. Snappy is also coming to Ubuntu phones, replacing the current Click packages in-use there. This means package updates would become faster and more reliable, with better security and isolation between packages.

Snappy desktop will be an alternative image when it arrives. You won't be forcibly moved from the current, stable Deb package-system to Snappy. But Ubuntu's developers think the time is right to leave traditional Linux packages behind and replace them with something better.


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