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Why Windows 10 Mobile matters for business

Mary Branscombe | Dec. 8, 2015
Microsoft’s first Windows 10 phones are shipping, even though Windows 10 isn’t quite finished. These flagship devices may be priced too high for general business use, but they have some intriguing new features that may have significant business advantages.

The main drawback McQuire sees is that Continuum is currently only available on flagship Windows 10 Mobile handsets, not the Lumia 550 phone Microsoft will launch as its business handset for Windows 10. To get Continuum, you have to buy a phone that’s closer in price to an iPhone than a budget Android model.

“Continuum looks really attractive if you can get it into the mid-range devices, and if you can package it up correctly with a dock. If you can get this stuff to work with everything at the right price point, the discussion becomes about security and data control,” he predicts – and those are areas where enterprises are comfortable with Microsoft’s solutions.

Continuum is exciting but unproven technology. If it works well, it’s a compelling argument for businesses to look seriously at Windows 10 Mobile, but to succeed in business the phones will need to have the complete package – security, management and a strong app platform – and they’ll have to have the right price tag.


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