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Windows 8 updates are missing one crucial improvement

Joseph Fieber | Nov. 18, 2011
Microsoft says Windows 8 will make its OS updates less annoying, limiting restarts to once a month. But system reboots are still often necessary--namely when a file that needs updating is open at the time.

First, Do No Harm

Until a way is found to update system files that are open, reboots will be necessary. Making those reboots less painful is the next best step--and hardware and software optimization is helping, with boot times now approaching 30 seconds on some modern systems. In the end, computers need to take care of themselves without disrupting our work; protecting our work before running updates is a great way to start.

Joseph Fieber spent 25 years as an IT pro, and has a background in computer consulting and software training. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter, or contact him through his website, JosephFieber


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