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WWDC 2012: What to expect

Michael deAgonia | June 11, 2012
This year's Worldwide Developers Conference looks to be unlike any of its predecessors in scope and scale, with Apple CEO Tim Cook likely to talk about everything from iOS 6 to OS X Mountain Lion to new hardware.

Apple is also likely to talk up iCloud, though it's less clear exactly what features Cook may have up his sleeve for Apple's cloud/syncing service. (One possibility: the ability to include videos in photo streaming.) Also unclear -- and this is the biggest question mark to me -- is the future of AppleTV.

I'm not talking an actual Apple TV. No one knows when or whether Apple will ever produce such a device. But Cook could begin laying the groundwork now. If there's ever going to be a TV from Apple, it makes sense for the company to introduce a software development kit (SDK) sooner rather than later. An SDK would help developers build an army of apps for existing AppleTV devices so that an Apple-branded TV would arrive with a thriving app ecosystem. So, while a bona fide Apple TV will be a no-show, there's a decent possibility for an AppleTV SDK -- especially since Apple is expected to show off a new OS for the current device.

Oh, and, as Jobs used to say, one more thing: About all the chatter of a new 7-in. iPad? Stop it. No. Not happening.

Regardless of the specifics, this year's WWDC presents Tim Cook with his best opportunity yet to show that Apple in the post-Jobs ever is as vital and relevant as ever. You don't need a crystal ball to see that that's just what he plans to do.


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