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You say 'potato,' I say 'crowdfunding' -- man turns to Kickstarter to fund his salad

Philip Michaels | July 8, 2014
For most entrepreneurs, getting more than 900 times the amount of money you were seeking for your Kickstarter project would mean a ticket to easy street, your face on the cover of magazines, and the start of an inevitable march to riches and success.

"There's no single recipe for inspiration," a particularly clever spokesperson told me.

At any rate, the rising tide of Brown's potato side has yet to left the boats of other would-be cooks who are turning to Kickstart to fund their culinary ambitions. A rival project promising "the best damn sandwich in town" went live Monday but has yet to raise a single pence toward its £20 goal. Does this mean side dishes now trump sandwiches? Get the data wizards at working on that after they settle that burrito question.

As for Brown, these are his salad days. The success of his project has inspired him to come up with more ambitious plans — he'll now make four potato salads instead of just the one and plans a "kick-ass party in Columbus."

Originally, Brown had promised a taste of his potato salad to project backers, but with 1,372 backers and counting, that may be difficult. Also, potato salad does not keep very well in the mail, even with overnight shipping. "I think we're going to invite people here to taste this delicious salad," Brown told me. "Hopefully we can find a way to get the whole internet to Columbus, Ohio!"

And if he can't initially, he could always crowd-fund it.


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