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Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle on the controversy over 'Steve Jobs'

Caitlin McGarry | Oct. 8, 2015
The new film's writer and director also talk Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak, and why the world needs more movies about Apple.

Boyle: He does magic tricks now. He doesn’t really want to talk about computers anymore. We went to dinner, and there’s about 8 or 10 of us, and he brought a plastic bag with him. We had the first course and he went for the plastic bag. I sat next to his wife, and she said to me, “He’s going to do his magic tricks now.” He did these magic tricks. He didn’t do them particularly well, certainly not as well as he built computers, but she betrayed everything that he did just before he did it. She said, “The deck is all 2s,” and went on and on like that.

Sorkin: He’s a terribly nice guy, who in his early meetings with me, tried very hard to be the guy we would all want to be, to have no ego about this at all, “No, I don’t mind being Garfunkel, no, I don’t mind that maybe Steve got credit for things that maybe he shouldn’t have gotten credit for.” Then in the 31st minute of the conversation, you start to see that it does start to hurt him a little bit, and maybe some of it he’s angry about. I wanted to write to that in some way.

What Steve Jobs would think about the movie

Sorkin: I don’t know. I like to think that if this movie was about someone else, that he would like it.

Check back on Friday for the review of Steve Jobs, which opens in New York City and Los Angeles on Oct. 9 and in theaters nationwide Oct. 23.


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