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Apple HomeKit release date rumours: Apple's system for controlling gadgets in your home coming this spring

Lou Hattersley | Jan. 28, 2015
With HomeKit and iOS 8, Apple has promised to bring the Internet Of Things (IoT) and home automation to iOS. But when is HomeKit coming out? We can already buy home automation devices, but when will you be able to buy HomeKit devices for iPhone and iPad? Here's our HomeKit release date and rumours article.

Home Kit

HomeKit, Apple's take on the home-automation/Internet of Things concept, was unveiled alongside iOS 8, and is expected to launch in early 2015. In our HomeKit release date rumours article, we discuss when HomeKit products are likely to launch in the UK, as well as all the details we know about HomeKit at this point. Come back regularly, since we will update this article whenever new information emerges.

When Apple first introduced iOS 8, Tim Cook announced that Apple is working on a new Apple system called HomeKit. With HomeKit, developers can build gadgets for your home that can connect directly to the iPhone and iPad so that you can control them. You will be able to control heating, lighting, security and other home appliances and systems via an Apple device. Read: What is Apple's HomeKit?

HomeKit is closely related to The Internet of Things (or IoT). You might have heard of that buzzword, and IoT is big news in the tech industry at the moment. As devices become cheaper to make, and wireless devices become smaller and easier to integrate, we are going to see a big push to hook up the technology in our home to the internet.

With HomeKit, Apple is set to unify all the different IoT devices into one system - all plugged in and ready to go, via your iPhone or iPad. Reports suggest you will be also able to control HomeKit accessories and appliances in the home using Siri and that the Apple TV will be part of the equation that makes Siri integration possible.

HomeKit release date: When will HomeKit products come out?
Apple first announced HomeKit in September 2014, but there have been no HomeKit announcements since, and we are still waiting for news of the launch from Apple.

However, this hasn't stopped a number of home automation vendors showing off their products using Apple's HomeKit frameworks at CES at the beginning of January. A number of gadget makers are hard at work integrating Apple's HomeKit frameworks into their products.

With all the hype around home automation, and so many companies producing products for the connected home, it is curious that no HomeKit ready products have launched yet. What is holding Apple up?Presumably Apple's still working on the necessary software for the consumer side of its HomeKit framework for developers, we're expecting to see a Home app that will enable users to control all their appliances from their iPhone. Siri is said to play a part in this communication, so it could be that Apple is still testing this implementation.

Indeed, it's been suggested that in order for Siri to control the gadgets in your home when you aren't in, it will be necessary to rely on the Apple TV to communicate with HomeKit ready products. If that is the case an Apple TV software update may be necessary (although an update to the Apple TV has already bought HomeKit features).


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