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Apple versus the FBI: FBI case looking shakier by the day

Anthony Caruana | March 24, 2016
The FBI has also said the ruling it is seeking in the San Bernardino case is narrow and only applies to that specific case. That’s hard to believe when there are over a dozen similar cases in play, such as the one in Brooklyn where a judge ruled against the FBI.

The FBI has characterised its case as asking Apple to break into one iPhone. That's not what it has been asking. It is asking a court to compel Apple to write new software and provide signing keys so it can install it.

In fact, a recent DOJ filing suggested it may compel Apple to hand over the source code for iOS. If that was granted, and it had the appropriate code signing key, it would be able to create its own versions of iOS which users could potentially be fooled into installing.

And imagine if someone was able to access and release that source code and key without the FBI's consent? And if you think that's highly unlikely, I put the case of Edward Snowden to you - a well-placed, patient, highly intelligent insider with the knowledge and motive to find the software and 'liberate' it.

What do you think?

Source: Macworld AU


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