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Apple’s no-win situation

Anthony Caruana | March 23, 2016
Apple announced the launch of the iPhone SE and 9.7in iPad Pro, but they are hardly revolutionary or groundbreaking.

The 9.7in iPad Pro is a reaction to those pressures. By adding the Apple Pencil to the mix, there's a compelling reason for many to move to a newer iPad. And it will give pause to corporate buyers who see the Microsoft Surface's stylus as a significant point of difference.

Reading some of the analysis of yesterday's keynote, it seems the world expects Apple to release a new paradigm-shifting product at every announcement it makes. It's simply not possible to do this.

So, in meeting market expectations, Apple disappoints people looking for more. When it released something new last year, the 12.9in iPad Pro, the market hammered it for not being innovative enough.

Yesterday, its share price rallied and made solid gains after releasing two relatively minor updates.

Apple can't win. Release something new and it's not innovative enough and its share price falls. Release minor product updates and the price goes up - and some pundits hammer it for pandering to the market.

Whenever someone asks me how Apple can continue to innovate, I answer very simply. With over US$180 billion in the bank, it can bide its time.

Source: Macworld AU


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