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Cinema and technology: Avatar (2009)

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 7, 2010
The geek shall inherit the earth. I mean the good geek. That is one of the principal messages of the James Cameron film.

The Navis and Pandoras creatures, like the Mountain Banshee, Toruk, and Direhourse, all need to be connected to work with each other. One has to connect his neural queue to the animals antennae to mount it.

Also interesting is the Navis concept of energy: whatever you take from the planet, you borrow it. One day you have to give it back to the planet, says Neytiri.

For me, it is this multi-layered narrative of the film, and not just its visual effects, that make it a post-modern epic. As many commentators have noted, the film can prove to be a pioneer of a new era of spectacle cinema as opposed to the human scale drama suitable for home and portable screen watching.

Zafar Anjum is the online editor of MIS Asia dot com.   


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