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CSL heralds new era in Hong Kong mobile communications

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 29, 2010
Introduces world's first commercial grade LTE/DC-HSPA+ network

SHENZHEN, CHINA, 29 NOVEMBER 2010 - CSL has launched the world's first LTE/DC-HSPA+ mobile network.

The combined LTE/DC-HSPA+ network from CSL can deliver high-speed data with high accessibility and full coverage across Hong Kong.

Partnership with ZTE

 Long-term evolution (LTE) can dramatically increase both capacity and speed, and has the ability to provide peak downlink speeds of 100 Mbps with low latency.

 In its launch ceremony in Hong Kong yesterday, CSL demonstrated how the performance of the LTE/DC-HSPA+ network will 'go beyond' existing mobile technologies. The network has been built in partnership with ZTE, a global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions.

 According to CSL, the new LTE/DC-HSPA+ network will leverage CSL's spectrum position to provide total coverage and mobile broadband performance throughout Hong Kong. The network will deliver a totally seamless connectivity, ultra-fast speed, higher bandwidth capacity and high degree of personalisation in mobile services.

 CSL projects that data traffic in Hong Kong will continue to more than double every year and according to Joseph O'Konek, its chief executive officer, pioneering the world's first LTE/DC-HSPA+ network, will ensure it delivers the best coverage and user experience in Hong Kong.

 This network will also allow CSL to address the burgeoning demand for mobile data driven by the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices.

 Improve lives in Hong Kong

 The LTE/DC-HSPA+ network will aid delivery of 3DTV, interactive gaming and e-learning applications. In addition, it will also enable mobile office, mobile HD video conferencing, mobile real-time monitoring, mobile interactive marketing and advertising, and mobile real-time imaging for tele-healthcare.

 By providing ubiquitous high-speed coverage for both business and consumer applications, the LTE/DC-HSPA+ network will give small businesses all the advantages of big-business, while opening up big business to a range of growth opportunities.

 "We are very proud of the work we have done together with CSL to be here today for the successful launch of the world's first LTE/DC-HSPA+ network in Hong Kong. As CSL's strategic partner, ZTE has proudly supported CSL in developing and deploying LTE and HSPA+ wireless technologies," said Weigui Hou, chairman of ZTE.

 "Hong Kong's unique density and geography have made it one of the world's most challenging environments in which to deploy a large-scale wireless network. ZTE's extensive experience and leading R&D capabilities allowed us to provide CSL a solution that delivers exceptional network performance to all its customers."





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