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Curb home-energy intelligence system promises to help reduce your electric bill

Paul Lilly | June 23, 2015
This little box connects to your circuit-breaker panel and identifies energy hogs in your home.

TH:  I see that Curb is compatible with SmartThings, Autodesk, TreeHouse, and Samsung? Are there any other companies Curb is working to support? What about Nest?

EN:  Yes, through partnerships with other products and platforms Curb becomes more powerful while simultaneously enhancing these other products. The partnership through SmartThings and Samsung helped bring device control to Curb customers and energy data into the SmartThings platform. We are currently working with a variety of other organizations to build greater inter-connectivity between products based on the feedback and demand we are getting from customers. Specifically, Curb is part of the Nest Developer Program, and will be providing additional details on features and additional partnerships coming soon.

TH:  Can you tell me a bit about the algorithm? What does it look for, and how does it differentiate between a lamp being turned on in the kids' room versus using a microwave in the kitchen or a refrigerator door being left open?

EN:  Since Curb measures up to 18 circuits in the home, the system is able to show total home consumption (2 sensors) and then slice the rest of the home into 16 specific zones or appliance. In this example, when the light goes on in the kids' room you would see an increase on the Curb app for that particular zone of the home. Curb also has a patent pending system for identifying abnormal energy usage which is triggered by something like a refrigerator door left open and shows up as a push notification in the Curb app.

These are both features that are currently available in the Curb system. Over the longer term, the Curb system will also have the capability to identify how much power different devices on the same circuit use because each devices has a unique electrical fingerprint. The current Curb hardware already has this capability built in, and we are continuing to refine the data model with additional customers.

TH:  Lastly, any plans to release an app for Windows Phone/10?

EN: We want to make Curb accessible to customers no matter the platform they use, and we build for platforms based on the customer demand we see. We have looked into the Windows phone platform and will be accessing this platform as we continue to grow.


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