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Dell slams netbooks, says Windows 7 is our savior

James Niccolai | Oct. 14, 2009
The CEO was answering questions on stage at a Silicon valley dinner

He offered as an example physicians, who he said are finding it hard to move to electronic medical records. "It turns out software-as-a-service is a great way to build those electronic records systems online, and when we complete our acquisition we'll do that even faster," he said. Most of Perot Systems' business is in the health care market, though he suggested that will change. "Perot gives us a certain scale, but it's not so big that we can't materially alter the mix of the business," he said.

He's also not interested in building complete, vertical stacks of hardware and software, as Oracle is doing with its Exadata storage system, for example. "We're going to forge a bit of a different path," he said. Most companies don't want a single vendor to own their technology stack, he argued. "Many more are interested in a company that will integrate the best technologies and bring them a solution."


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