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Don't worry about Apple's business, worry about its products

David Sparks | Feb. 15, 2013
Many longtime Apple fans may still be scarred by the era of Apple's struggles, says David Sparks. But they're worrying about the wrong thing.

Be happy

My point is that Apple is no longer under threat of takeover or closure, and there is zero chance the company will stop making the shiny iThings that we love. You will never be forced to use a Windows computer or an Android phone. That hostile takeover is never going to happen, and the culture of fear from the '90s among Apple enthusiasts is both obsolete and irrational. There is no possible stock dive, court ruling, or goofy commercial from an iPhone competitor that is going to change that. We can let go of the fear and just enjoy our Apple products.

The next time you find yourself wading through details of competing Apple patents, studying the intricacies of a completely inscrutable stock market, or searching the Internet to find out what an injunction is, ask yourself if you are actually interested in these things or are instead just being driven by the culture of fear.

The real risk to our continued use and enjoyment of Apple products isn't some external threat to Apple's insolvency, but rather Apple's own failure to deliver the products and services we expect. Instead of getting worked up over court rulings, the Apple community should be directing its attention to Apple's products and services. We should be asking why the latest version of iWork is four years old and why iCloud still is not quite the thing we hoped it would be. We should question what exactly Apple is doing to improve its abilities to provide Web services as they become increasingly important. In other words, we should keep the pressure on Apple to make better hardware, software, and services--but we should leave all the business stuff to Apple. The company will handle that side of things. It isn't our problem.

Let go of your fear for Apple's solvency. The company is fine. Stop wasting your time paying attention to Apple's business, and instead focus on your own. It's time to finally put this out-dated anxiety to rest and just enjoy Apple's products.


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