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Fenix RC40 review: This flashlight is so powerful, it'll even charge your phone

Gordon Mah Ung | July 14, 2016
Fenix's RC40 is 50 times brighter than a 4D flashlight and as tough as nails.

The other negative is the bulk. While a 10.7-inch flashlight with a 4.6-inch diameter head would be no big deal in 1994, we’ve come along way in flashlight technology. People are spoiled by the output and size of today’s torches. You can get a pocket light that’s brighter than the heaviest flashlights from the 1990s.

Most people, frankly, just don’t need this kind of output unless they're a cop, on a search-and-rescue team, a night hog hunter, or, well, a flashlight buff.

That’s a pretty small market, which explains its steep price. That doesn’t take away from the performance of the RC40, though. If you’re looking for the ultimate flashlight, the RC40 should definitely make the short list.

Gordon Mah Ung

You can submerge it or drop it but the Fenix RC40 will still light up the night.


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