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GDS Verify director expects online IDs for everyone in a 'small number of years'

Tamlin Magee | June 23, 2016
Single ID pass could save billions and spur innovation says Janet Hughes.

That's the reasoning behind a monthly advisory session that GDS has with a collection of privacy experts, who see what the Verify team is up to - like a "fully open book". The advisory group consists of groups like NO2ID, Big Brother Watch, the ICO, and various universities, who helped devise GDS' standards for using public data.

And these "will apply just as much to any other situation where we're dealing with people's data," Hughes said. "It's all about putting people in control of what's happened to their data, to make choices, making it transparent for people, enabling them to opt out, to make sure people can feel confident and trust what we're doing."

"It's something that takes up a huge amount of my time - making sure we do that."


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