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How one UK CIO changed IT from a support service to a business enabler driving innovation

Matt Egan | July 15, 2016
BSH eBusiness Directer Mike Faiers heads up a team that is driving change at every level of the business.

That's the tech that is driving digital change today in the way products are purchased. But Faiers also sees the connected home as a driver for change within BSH's products themselves.

"We have a range of connected appliances that use HomeConnect. Although we are a very consumer-centric organisation, generally we only really hear from people when they need spare parts, they need more information, or if something goes wrong. The connected home means that we can now get closer to the consumer, to build a relationship with them and really understand what they need and how we can best help them.

"Domestic appliances seem to have a much higher demand for being connected than most other areas. There really does seem to be an appetite for it. We've got a fridge with cameras so you can see if you need a specific product when you're in the supermarket. You can also manage the temperature remotely - who knew a fridge had a holiday mode?

"Now we've got connected cars, connected lighting, connected thermostats, connected everything. We've had the technology and capability for some time, but now consumers are ready to engage with it.

"Millennials see their information as the gateway to get to the thing that they want to get to, so they're open to sharing data. Other generations, when they see the possibilities, will start to follow and adopt, as well. It's a really exciting time."

The future

That's the near future for BSH, but what does Faiers see in the wider future, for his organisation and others like it?

"The old days of 'we sell this, and these are our competitors' has fundamentally changed. We must focus on what people are doing and how we play a role in their lives.

"What I really love about BSH and the products we have, whether it's Bosch washing machines or Neff Slide&Hide ovens, is it's all about products that make consumers' lives better. What becomes really interesting is how people want to interact with us and what they want to learn from us, and how we can supplement and augment and create additional content for them, making their interactions with their products more meaningful and better. That will be something that continues to evolve."  

Source: CIO


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