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Intel looks beyond chips to next big computing experience

Sharon Gaudin | Oct. 12, 2010
CTO Justin Rattner sees a bright future in 'context-aware devices'

So what's the next computing experience that Intel engineers are working on now? Context-aware devices. We're talking about what it means for a device to be context aware and that changes the relationship between user and owner. We want to give these machines the ability to fuse the hard senses (like where you are and are you dancing or riding a bike?) and soft sensor information, like your calendar, your to-do list and your social networks.

How could context-aware devices change the way we live day to day? When I get in the car in the morning, I want a screen to come up and tell me there's construction on Rte. 26 or it's going to rain. Go back in the house for a hat and umbrella. Context is really about life. These devices [today] know very little about our lives.

How will social networking fit into this vision of context-aware devices?Social networking becomes part of this soft sensor notion.... It will be a key source of information for your devices. Who are your friends? What are you doing? We think a lot about it. Your social network will be used by your devices to know you've got an interview with Justin and it can tell your friends and colleagues that you're talking with Justin.

Since we're talking about devices, what do you think about the future of the tablet, the netbook and the notebook? We haven't reached the ultimate evolution of the tablet. It's somewhere between the notebook of today and the iPad .


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