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iPhone 5se rumours: ‘Hey Siri’ feature thanks to A9/M9 chips

Oscar Raymundo | Jan. 27, 2016
The common notion has been that every year we'd get a new iPhone refresh, but 2016 may be the exception.

The common notion has been that every year we'd get a new iPhone refresh, but 2016 may be the exception. Turns out that this year we could get two new iPhones. The first one up is the rumoured iPhone 5se, an 'enhanced' replacement of the 4in iPhone 5s, that's reportedly set to come out this autumn.

To help make sense of the chaotic hearsay, we're collecting every rumour that has surfaced about the iPhone 5se, from its reported specs to its guesstimated release date, and everything in between - as well as tried to discern the plausibly of each rumour.

Here's what (we think) we know so far.

What's the latest?

The rumour: When it comes to processing power, we may have originally underestimated this little iPhone. After previously reporting that the iPhone 5se will boast A8 and M8 chips, like the iPhone 6, 9to5Mac is now saying that it will have the faster A9 and M9 chips, like the iPhone 6s. Or at least a 'variant' of those newer chips.

Plausible? The reason Apple is choosing to upgrade the iPhone 5se with A9 chips is because the iPhone 7 will most likely have an A10 processor. And it makes sense that they wouldn't want their iPhone 5se to be behind by two generations in just a few months when the 7 comes out. Ah yes, the iPhone 7 rumours are starting already, too, but that's another story...

Will it include always-on Siri?

The rumour: One of the perks of adding faster processors to the iPhone 5se is the ability to incorporate the always-on 'Hey Siri' functionality. 'Hey Siri' lets you access Siri by simply calling out her name and without having to press down on the Home button or having to plug in the device.

Plausible? Apple wants to keep making Siri smarter and more proactive, so we can expect for 'Hey Siri' to become a standard feature on all its devices. If the iPhone 5se has the M9 chip needed for an always-on Siri, then it's totally worth it to incorporate it.

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How much storage will it have?

The rumour: The lowest-costing iPhone 5se model will start out with an abysmal capacity of 16GB. But for the next step up, Apple is reportedly doubling the capacity from 32GB to 64GB, like how it did with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Plausible? We've been waiting for Apple to get rid of 16GB as a starting iPhone capacity, but given that the iPhone 5se is intended as an affordable alternative, it figures that it the starting model only has 16GB.

When will it come out?

The rumour: According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to introduce the new iPhone 5se during a media event the week of 14 March. During said event Apple is also rumoured to be introducing new Apple Watch bands and the iPad Air 3. Shipping for iPhone 5se could start as soon as late March or early April.


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