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John McAfee, security software pioneer, talks to CSO about his bid for the White House

CSO staff | Oct. 7, 2015
It has been a whirlwind few years for John McAfee, the man noted for developing the first commercial anti-virus program. It was only a few years ago when rumors were frantically flying around in following an incredibly sensational story of McAfee as a murder suspect. With all of that seemingly behind him, he now turns his attention to taking up residency in the White House.

One of the first acts of a McAfee Administration would be the wholesale decriminalization of marijuana – by changing it from a schedule one drug to either a schedule 4 or 5 drug, something that can be done without congressional consent – along with pardons to any individual serving time for non-violent marijuana possession without any attempt to distribute.

While marijuana would be decriminalized on the federal level, it will be left up to the states to decide whether to completely legalize and/or make the sale of the drug legal.


Tightening borders does nothing to increase national security. Terrorists will enter the country no matter how much we attempt to secure our borders.  The key to reducing terrorism is reducing our interference in the affairs of other nations.

Our borders should be opened, and the money now spent on patrolling them should be spent on creating a documentation process and an education system for immigrants.

Ultimately, a McAfee Administration would be one that looks to make immigration a much easier process. While we will have more specifics in the coming days, immigration should be seen as an asset, rather than xenophobic, rally around the flag issue. There are millions of people who want to immigrate to the US, most of which want to do so legally. That said, there are so many barriers in the way of legal immigration that it often makes more sense to immigrate illegally.

Do not misunderstand here, we will not rubber stamp every immigration form that comes in. The process will be more streamlined, but there will still be many conditions that must be met.


Our tax codes are unwieldy and expensive to manage. A simpler system must be found

We see it as unacceptable that many of the world’s largest corporations pay little to no taxes. The system favors the ultra-rich. Why should someone living at or under the poverty line be taxed at a higher rate than a multi-billion dollar corporation?

Tax exemptions and credits were created to offer benefits to corporations that create U.S. jobs, and bolster the U.S. economy. We will look to return that arrangement. Corporations that move jobs to China or Mexico, or anywhere outside of the U.S. will no longer receive preferential treatment. Rather these corporations will pay a much higher rate than those who operate and create jobs within the U.S.


The TSA should be abandoned in its entirety. Armed federal agents should accompany every domestic flight. This will save trillions. It is our view that a small number of armed, federal air marshals could provide the same level of security as the whole of the TSA.


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