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Keep your eye on these three great PlayStation 4 indie games

Alex Wawro | June 13, 2013
Some of the most exciting games of E3 are hiding in the independent section of Sony's giant booth.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional
Brightly-colored space combat straight out of an '80s anime helps Galak-Z stand out from the crowd of dreary post-apocalyptic manshoots cluttering up the E3 hall. This open-world space shooter comes to PlayStation 4 in 2014 courtesy of 17-Bit Studios, the team who developed Skulls of the Shogun exclusively for Microsoft.

Despite the common parent, Galak-Z couldn't play more differently than the turn-based strategy of its predecessor; this game challenges you to beat high-level A.I. in ship-to-ship dogfights using stealth, trickery and a metric ton of explosive armament.

Players pick a ship and load up on machine guns, lock-on missiles or other weapons to do battle with enemy ships among asteroid fields and lush animated nebulae. 17-bit has also partnered with Cyntient, a software developer that specializes in artificial intelligence, to fill Galak-Z with enemies that cooperate with each other and adapt to your tactics. Realistic A.I. behavior is an exciting goal rarely achieved in modern games, making Galak-Z one of the most intriguing indie games at E3 2013.


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