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Lenovo ThinkPad X240 a Sleek Touchscreen Ultrabook Tough Enough for Business

Paul Mah | Jan. 30, 2014
The ThinkPad X240 is the latest X-series laptop from Lenovo. We take the touchscreen version of the 12.5-inch laptop through the paces to see how it fares as a business tool.

However, that's because the trackpad now offers five-point multi-touch functionality and twice the area of older ThinkPad models. What's more, the entire surface of the trackpad is clickable - and, unlike many slim ultraportable laptops with stiff mouse buttons, the X240 trackpad is highly responsive.

The large touchpad and fingerprint scanner on the Lenovo ThinkPad X240 functions well even without dedicated mouse buttons.

Meanwhile, the In-Plane Switching (IPS) display delivers vivid colors that makes the screen look much better than its comparatively poor display resolution (1366 by 768). Unlike an increasing number of laptops, the Lenovo X240 comes with a matte screen that's both easy on the eye and able to hide inadvertent smudges caused by fingerprints.

The vibrant matte screen of the Lenovo ThinkPad X240 is pleasant on the eyes.

The entire surface of the display is a single piece of glass, with the exception of the bezel and a thin strip along the bottom that measures about a quarter of an inch. The display itself doesn't extend to the edge of the glass panel; this eliminates the possibility of dust or grime being trapped in the gap between the touchscreen and the plastic frame.

From a security standpoint, the X240 offers a number of features often sacrificed in ultrabook devices. Specifically, a Kensington lock slot allows for the X240 to be physically secured, while a fingerprint reader offers a more convenient form of authentication. Importantly, the reader is positioned unobtrusively along the right side of the laptop, beside the cursor keys, putting it within easy reach yet out of the way of accidental swipes.

As noted, the Lenovo X240 comes with full-sized VGA and Gigabit Ethernet ports. Anyone who has forgotten to bring an external dongle for an important meeting can attest to the importance of full-sized ports. Lenovo has also chosen to incorporate a Mini DisplayPort into the X240; when used with an appropriate adapter, this supports DVI or HDMI devices. Finally, the X240 offers various customizations, such as the option for an internal smartcard reader and mobile adapter for WAN Internet access.

With Optional Battery Upgrade, ThinkPad X240 Will Outlast You
The energy efficient, fourth-generation Intel ultra-mobile processor lets the laptop deliver close to full-day computing with the default 3-cell (23.2 Wh) battery. Set the screen to 75 percent brightness, and stick to Web browsing and office productivity tasks, and you'll get up to 7 hours of runtime. Swap out the three-cell battery with a 6-cell (72 Wh) battery and you should see battery life jump to 17 hours or more. You'll need to rest long before a X240 equipped with the six-cell battery runs out of juice.


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