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Modernising the network to improve customer experience

Adrian M. Reodique | Nov. 25, 2016
Jojo Bisuna, Corporate IT Consultant at Discovery Primea Hotel, shares how his company attained a reliable and consistent wireless network connection.

Jojo Bisuna, Corporate IT Consultant at Discovery Primea Hotel, considers network downtime as his biggest headache as it affects his organisation's important applications and services.

"We run many guest and employee-facing applications on our Wi-Fi network, including digital signage, mobile check-in, food and drink ordering, and corporate management systems. Even our door-lock system is powered by Wi-Fi," said Bisuna.

Jojo Bisuna, Corporate IT Consultant at Discovery Primea Hotel. Credit: Adrian M. Reodique

"You're going to lose revenue [when] you have downtime; you lose track of your service, [and] all the work will pile up," he explained in an interview with Computerworld Philippines.

As such, the hotel deployed Ruckus Wireless' suite of Smart Wi-Fi solutions to provide a reliable connection across the hotel. Specifically, Discovery Primea deployed Ruckus BeamFlex, which uses a patented adaptive antenna and traffic engineering technologies to help optimise latency-sensitive traffic.  

Since the hotel is full of spacious rooms and deep corners, Ruckus admitted it was a challenge to determine the correct number of Wi-Fi access points (AP) and where the AP must be placed without compromising the network quality.

Linda Hui, Ruckus Wireless Managing Director for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. Credit: Adrian M. Reodique

"You have to make sure that the product's reach is wide enough," said Linda Hui, Ruckus Wireless Managing Director for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. "Sometimes you cannot put the Wi-Fi AP on top of a bed so you have to find somewhere to hide it. Some hotels put it behind a wooden door in the cabinet. However, you have to make sure [that even when the door is closed], the signal is strong enough to cover the whole area," Hui added.

Ruckus had to thus study the floor plan of the hotel to better decide where to place the Wi-Fi APs so as to provide connections to hard-to-reach areas like the bathroom.

Reaping the benefits

For hotels which have important services relying on the internet, having a reliable and consistent network system is of paramount importance. "Our wireless network is the backbone of our business; our whole operations relies on the network," Bisuna noted.

Bisuna believes that modernising the network systems has helped the hotel deliver better and quicker services. "By having applications on Ruckus' solutions, we're able to [quickly take the necessary actions] such as delivering an extra towel [shortly after] the guest requests for one."

In addition, the new network allows hotel guests to access websites hosted abroad, which require a large bandwidth to be connected. "For example, you may not be able to access HBO Go in other hotels. However, the new network can provide the bandwidth to allow you to access it in our hotel," said Bisuna.


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