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New OtterBox modular case turns your iPhone into a multi-purpose tool

Derek Walter | July 18, 2016
Snap in a set of speakers, a fresh battery, or boost your camera with this modular-friendly case.

battery pack
Derek Walter

The battery pack module isn’t too bulky, and it’s nowhere near as ugly as Apple’s battery pack. 

To recharge, just plug the micro-USB cord into the device and then plug it into another USB slot. It’s extremely handy to have around, and is far less burdensome than the ugly Apple battery case.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 

Sufficient storage on your iPhone can be a never-ending battle, particularly if you like to take a lot of live photos and video. This module ($60 MSRP for 64GB of capacity or $120 MSRP for 128GB) takes a little more legwork, but the Sandisk add-on is a handy way to get some more storage space.

Derek Walter

Need extra storage? The Sandisk module is happy to assist.

You’ll need the accompanying iPhone app to put it to use. Once installed, you’ll find a lot of options inside, like the ability to sync your Camera Roll, transfer videos, or make other storage moves that could free up space. Personally I find cloud services to be more convenient, but if you’re frequently somewhere without reliable Internet access this could be a good solution.

PolarPro Stance Tripod

You knew there was going to be something that looked like the dreaded selfie stick. But this module ($50 MSRP) is actually a great way to take stable pictures if you’re doing some landscape photography or just want photos that don’t have the shakes.

And yes, it also works well as a selfie stick. While I generally have a self-imposed ban on the use of some type of device to assist with selfies, it could certainly be handy in these situations.

stance back left

If you need some stable selfies or panoramic shots, the Trippler tripod is a great add-on. 

Getting the phone screwed in to the top of the tripod isn’t a lighting-fast process, but once it’s in there you don’t have to worry that it will somehow become detached. Feel free to lug it along if you’re off into the wilderness. 

Nite Ize Steelie Vent Mount Kit

This was a close second for me in terms of my favorite modules. The Nite Ize Steelie Vent Mount Kit ($40 MSRP) takes a little longer to set up than some of the others, as there’s a module and a magnetic socket that you need to connect.

car mount
Derek Walter


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