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New OtterBox modular case turns your iPhone into a multi-purpose tool

Derek Walter | July 18, 2016
Snap in a set of speakers, a fresh battery, or boost your camera with this modular-friendly case.

The car mount slips right into the case, which means no fumbling with awkward clips or taking your iPhone out of a case.

But once you do this, you have a a very durable car mount that attaches to the ventilators. Whether you’re getting your Uber on or just want to have a map right in front of you for the next road trip, this module is easy to recommend.

Olloclip 4-in-1 lens

The iPhone is already one of the best smartphone cameras you can get, but there are probably times you wish it could get do a little more. 

The Olloclip four-in-one lens ($80 MSRP) is one of the first add-on lenses that I’ve found to not be too oppressive, as it includes an easy-to-use clip for storage and a lanyard if you want to wear it around your neck while on the go.

olloclip four in one
Derek Walter

The Olloclip four-in-one slips right onto the Otterbox case.

You get four different type of experiences from the lenses: fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x, and macro 15x. 

fisheye lens
Derek Walter

Check out how the world looks from the inside of a fish bowl. 

My favorite was the fisheye bubble, because it gives a unique perspective and is something that could definitely boost up the number of likes you have on Facebook or Instagram when it comes time to sharing the latest family photo. 

PolarPro Beat Pulsar Wireless Mobile Speaker

For $60, you can add on a pretty solid set of speakers that also connect to your OtterBox case. The sound was rather impressive, and they’re small enough to not take up too much space in a purse or bag if you’re taking them somewhere.

iphone speakers

This set of speakers produces some impressive sounds for your next house party or work session. 

However, I preferred to use the speakers on the desk instead of attaching them, as it’s pretty awkward to use the phone with a pair of speakers coming out of the back. They illustrate, along with the other modules, how the iPhone is the central device for your life. Photography, music, and navigation all flow from this computer that can perform so many tricks. The price for all of these can definitely add up, but such add-ons are a smart way to make your iPhone even more useful. 


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