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NSA director misled Black Hat attendees -- claims of PRISM's value overstated

Steve Ragan | Oct. 17, 2013
Statistics provided by Alexander at conference proven false after true number of terrorist plots stopped by data collection program is divulged

"But don't get me wrong. I do understand the need for doing both monitoring and surveillance. If somebody is suspected for running a drug ring, or planning a school shooting or participating in a terror organization, he should be monitored, with a relevant court order. However, that's not what PRISM is about. PRISM is not about monitoring suspicious people. PRISM is about monitoring everyone," he wrote.

"It's about monitoring people that are known to be innocent. And it's about building dossiers on everyone, eventually going back decades. Such dossiers, based on our internet activity will build a thorough picture of us. And if the powers-that-be ever need to find a way to twist your hand, they would certainly find something suspicious or embarrassing on everyone, if they have enough of their internet history recorded."


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