Police swooped on Kim Dotcom's rented mansion.

Police swooped on Kim Dotcom's rented mansion. Photo: Reuters

THE New Zealand-based multimillionaire at the centre of an FBI-led piracy case has three aliases, making him an ''extreme'' flight risk, prosecutors argued in court.

Kim Dotcom, 38, the co-founder of the world's largest file sharing website, Megaupload, was remanded yesterday following an inconclusive bail hearing at the North Shore District Court in Auckland.

Dotcom, who legally changed his name from Schmitz, and three others are facing internet piracy charges after they were arrested on Friday when police raided Schmitz's $30 million rented mansion, north of Auckland.

Kim Dotcom in 2002.

Kim Dotcom in 2002. Photo: Reuters

Crown prosecutor Anne Toohey told the court that Schmitz had three passports, each under a different name - Schmitz, Vestor and Dotcom - making him an ''extreme'' flight risk.

Schmitz is a German national and NZ resident.

A passport was found beside a bed and more than 35 credit cards were found at his home when it was stormed by up to 70 police early on Friday morning.

In defence, Schmitz's lawyer Paul Davison said he ''collected'' credit cards and his Schmitz and Vestor passports had not been used since the Dotcom passport was issued in 2010.

He said Schmitz had a passport in a bedroom at his home because it was a ''work location''.

Up to 25 supporters of the four accused, as well as journalists, packed the courtroom during Schmitz's bail hearing.

A decision over whether bail would be granted for Schmitz will be released in a written statement by tomorrow.

The other three accused were remanded pending a bail hearing later this week. Judge David McNaughton said the outcome of Schmitz's bail hearing would affect the decision over whether the others would be released.

The three others facing charges are Megaupload's chief marketing officer Finn Batato, 38; chief technical officer and co-founder Mathias Ortmann, 40; and Bram van der Kolk, 29. Batato and Ortmann are German, while van der Kolk is a Dutch national and New Zealand resident.

The FBI is working to extradite all four to the United States.

Police used helicopters in the raid on the so-called Dotcom Mansion on the eve of Schmitz's 38th birthday. The US government alleges a $US175 million ($A167 million) copyright infringement conspiracy. Megaupload was advertised as having more than 1 billion visitors, more than 150 million users, 50 million daily visitors, and accounted for 4 per cent of internet traffic, prosecutors said.


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