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Second-screen apps get a primary role at E3

Brad Chacos | June 14, 2013
Who needs a TV? A plethora of games on the E3 floor are leaning on complimentary mobile apps to spread the fun beyond the big screen.

Project Spark may have been developed for Xbox One and Windows 8, but a SmartGlass app lets you add more detail to maps created within the game.

Then there's Project Spark, Microsoft Studios' awesome world-building adventure. The game was built for Xbox One and Windows 8, but you'll also be able to rock the SmartGlass app to further flesh out the maps you create in-game, adding fine-tuned terraforming details from the comfort of your phone or tablet. It's an absolute blast-and the second screen experience should truly make the game better.

The future lies in the cloud
The evolution of second-screen apps on display at E3 is a welcome one indeed. They're still fully optional, but if you do decide to partake in the mobile mayhem, this next generation of games will reward you with an experience that is not only enjoyable, but actually affects your in-game experience. Sayonara, simple maps and menus.

And as awesome as the newly improved second screen experience appears poised to become, the future could be even brighter. As more and more games move to the cloud, the opportunities to impact your games from your mobile device should only become more plentiful-and potentially much more powerful.


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