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Secret code indicates NSA tracks users of privacy tools, report says

Jeremy Kirk | July 7, 2014
Although unverified, the code indicates a broad effort to monitor those interested in protecting their online activities.

That is presumably to avoid violating rules that prohibit unfettered data collection on citizens, one of the core issues raised after Snowden's leaks became public. But the report noted no such rule was incorporated into the code for monitoring the Tails and Linux Journal websites.

Other services monitored include HotSpotShield, FreeNet, Centurian,, MegaProxy, and an anonymous email service called MixMinion, the report alleged.

NSA could not be immediately reached for comment. When queried it told the broadcasters in a written statement that "the communications of people who are not foreign intelligence targets are of no use to the agency."

The agency maintained XKeyScore complies with U.S. President Barack Obama's directive from January, which said privacy interests of people worldwide are considered by U.S. signals intelligence activities.


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