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That theory about LED lightbulbs transmitting data? It's true. Li-Fi is here.

Erika Morphy | Sept. 15, 2015
Yes, multiple tests have shown that LED lighting fixtures can transmit wireless data at very competitive high speeds. A commercial product started shipping several months ago.

IoT and Magic Princess Dresses

First the paper addressed the (by now) formality of the theory:  LED light bulbs installed in a room can communicate with each other.  But it also goes on to say that LED light bulbs can also communicate with other VLC devices.

This paper explored how the Internet Protocol stack and other networking protocols can be hosted on Linux-based VLC devices and concluded that the IP stack and the proposed VLC protocols are flexible enough to interoperate.

In case you are wondering why Disney is interested, I've got three words for you: magic princess dress.

As Disney researchers also note, VLC is also a great application for toys.

The magic princess dress, for example, comes with a wand that triggers light effects on a princess dress.

There are LEDs are embedded into the dress and when the child points the wand at the dress, it comes to life at exactly that location. Told you there were practical applications for Li-Fi in the works.

Source: Computerworld


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