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The King's Quest reboot embraces everything that made old-school adventure games so wonderful

Hayden Dingman | June 23, 2015
Scripted zaniness galore. An unreliable narrator. King's Quest looks to be shaping up into something special.

Bottom line

All in all, King's Quest impressed the hell out of me. There's a reason we crowned it one of the most exciting games of E3.

It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful, and Christopher Lloyd's silly dialogue for King Graham never failed to put a smile on my face. I laughed for almost the entirety of my thirty minute demo. I'm not incredibly excited for the episodic nature of the game--I'm sort-of burned out on that format after two years of Telltale games, and I don't know why the adventure genre in particular seems so fond of it. But regardless, this looks far better than I ever dared to hope when I heard Activision was funding a King's Quest revival. It looks as spirited and playful as the originals, with a hefty dose of big-budget polish and modern design thrown in.

So yes, assuming the finished product is as good as what I saw last week, I think we can officially say the adventure game is a "Big Deal" again. And that's welcome news, so long as I don't find myself standing in the shower in a few weeks forlornly contemplating why I need a sugar cube to protect myself from poison thorns.


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