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This dongle brings Xbox One Wireless Controller support to Windows 10

Nick Mediati | Oct. 12, 2015
A US$25 USB add-on will let you use your Xbox One controller with your Windows games, and it's only days away.

xbox controller dongle
Credit: Microsoft

There’s no doubt that a game controller makes it easier to play many PC games. And now, thanks to a new accessory from Microsoft, you will soon be able to use your Xbox One’s Wireless Controller with your PC.

Arriving October 20th, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows does exactly what it says in the box: It’s a USB dongle that allows your Xbox One Wireless Controller to work with PCs and tablets running Windows 10. With it, you can play both Windows games as well as Xbox One games that you’ve streamed to your PC.

The adapter will cost $25 and requires Windows 10. It’s compatible only with the Xbox One’s controller, so it won’t work with Xbox 360 controllers. 

The story behind the story: The Xbox Wireless Adapter is the latest part of Microsoft’s apparent effort to bring together Windows 10 and the Xbox One. As it stands, you can stream Xbox One games to Windows, and the bolstered Xbox app for Windows 10 integrates the two platforms more than ever before. And although there is still work to be done, as our Jared Newman pointed out back in August, bringing Xbox One Wireless Controller support to Windows helps bridge one of the remaining gaps between the two.


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