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TriTone unveils flagship store in Singapore

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 16, 2015
Tritone develops bespoke audio systems to suit individual’s unique listening palette through a scientific and observatory approach known as psychoacoustics.

Audio company TriTone launched yesterday its flagship store at The Adelphi in Singapore, which features three private showrooms - Music, Lifestyle and Home Theatre Room.

In a media statement, TriTone said that visitors to the store are guaranteed superior acoustic and cinematic experience with TriTone's audio systems, a 110-inch wide screen, and luxurious interior setting.

Designed for audiophiles, interior designers and customers seeking high-fidelity stereo, home theatre or smart home systems, the store creates a completely immersive experience into the world of audiovisual (AV).

TriTone added that it differentiates itself by curating some of the finest products in the world, used in synergy with their scientific approach based on psychoacoustics, offering tailored audio systems voiced to suit one's listening preferences.

Psychoacoustics is the scientific study of the perception of sound by analysing psychological responses and the physiological impact on the human brain. By taking into account the individual's listening preferences and sensitivities for bass, mid, and high frequencies,

TriTone is able to improve soundscapes and make music more appealing to listeners.

"At TriTone, we believe that sound appreciation takes an art-science approach. While quality acoustic equipment may promise a certain degree of audio performance, there are many environmental and psychological elements that can affect one's perception of sound," said Mervyn Augustine Loh, Managing Director of TriTone. "We aim to synergise the use of high-end components with our scientific approach and bespoke voicing."


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