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UWin IWin will change the rules of the incentive services market: CEO David Sand

Shantheri Mallaya | June 13, 2013
David Sand, CEO and founder of Uwin Iwin about how the incentive solutions market will see a radical shift down the line.

David Sand, CEO and founder of Uwin Iwin about how the incentive solutions market will see a radical shift down the line.

What is the current state of the global incentives market?

Sand: Tough question, as there are so many moving parts and regional conditions at play, therefore generalizing and making sweeping statements can be misleading. With this context, overall the industry is healthy, growing and adapting well to all the challenges and changes that present themselves on a regular basis. Professionals in this industry are well organized and improving international standards and educational content all the time. Buyers of incentive services are also becoming far more knowledgeable about global best practices and return on investment expectations. We will witness a radical shift in technology applications, growth in global service companies and also significantly higher expectations of channel participants from the incentive or loyalty initiative.

CW: Will incentives for revenue generating processes differ from the revenue managing streams at an enterprise?

Sand: Yes, they will always differ; each of the streams has its own desired outcomes and the design of these incentives will always be different. However today, the integrated design approach that takes a far more holistic view to inspiring and engaging all people in the performance improvement of your channel are producing the most powerful results.

CW: Incentives can be a huge expend as few organizations proactively streamline or automate the process. How will Uwin Iwin change the rules of the game?

Sand: Uwin Iwin has the core philosophy - the win-win principle. Any spend by a company must produce a positive result for "U" the company by creating winning opportunities for "I- the customers and channel partners. This Uwin Iwin concept has made us successful in the past and it will hence drive our value proposition into the future. As a leading technology and creative innovator in this space, we will continue the same way to ensure that our customers get the latest, fastest and creative value adds.

CW: Uwin Iwin has been a dominant player in incentive management solutions in South Africa. Does it intimidate you to step out into other global markets?

Sand: Uwin Iwin is an incentive agency serving the requirements of global companies within the Southern Africa geography since past two decades. We are well aware of these companies' brands, culture and go- to- market strategies intimately within a developing economy environment.Uwin Iwin has mapped a growth strategy for the next three years to developing economies only as we believe that over the years we have become specialists in these types of trading environments.

For the past two years, we have been leveraging this knowledge base and service offering in East Africa, India and now Brazil to the same and similar client base. Hence we are not intimidated at all but we are however very careful and humble in our approach to a new market. We pick the best local talent available to join our cause and learn continually about the local nuances required for success in a particular region or country.


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