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Want to share a cab? Here’s an app

Zafar Anjum | June 8, 2012
Split-It! taxi sharing app to be launched in Singapore by end June this year

Are you one of those commuters who are frustrated with hard-to-find cabs when you need them the most?

An app is coming up to your smartphone to take care of such woes. To enjoy this useful app, all you need is a smartphone and a Facebook account. Split-It! is linked to Facebook for basic security purposes.

The good news is that this smart phone app called Split-It! has been developed by a Singaporean Company, Kind Capital Pte Ltd. It allows commuters to share taxis and split the fare

"Taxis are getting more expensive, and the queues are getting longer in cosmopolitan Singapore," says Winnie Tang, 29, founder of Kind Capital Pte Ltd. "With Split-It!, commuters can now use this platform to share their taxis and ease the taxi shortage, with the added benefit of a much reduced fare price."

According to a statement by Kind Capital, Winnie came up with the idea of the app when she was working as a banker in the Central Business District. "I personally find it a challenge to get a taxi especially during peak hours," she says. "Often I would see taxis with single passengers and think, 'If only we could share that cab' - that was when the idea for a taxi-sharing application took root in my mind."

Consequently, Winnie founded a new social venture called Split-It! ( 

How it works

Split-It! allows registered users to use the platform to find commuters traveling from the same neighbourhood and in the same direction.

-         When a user needs a taxi, all he/she has to do is login to the application and submit a request for a search among Split-It!'s membership base. 

-         The application will consolidate all requests from the same neighbourhood and group the commuters. 

-         Upon finding a group of two to four commuters, the application will then inform these members of their matches.

-         The members can then use the in-application booking link to link to a taxi company application to book the taxi.

Kind Capital states that the Land Transport Authority of Singapore has approved of the Split-It! mobile application.

Winnie intends to attract about 10,000 regular users of this application.

The catch is that Split-It!, to be launched in June 2012, will not be a free services. Users will be charged a monthly membership fee of between S$10 to S$30 a month, or on a pay-per-use basis to book a shared taxi.  

The app will be free to download for now, says the company behind the app. Membership will also be free until the trial period is over.


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